This quiz offers you an opportunity to learn many interesting information about other family members and some family history. It's multiple choice and openbook. 

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1) What movie were family members JB Taylor and sister Georgia Wiggins in?
White Chicks
Daughters of the Dust
In the Heat of the Night
2) Which book was written by family member James William Potts?
The Client
Right To Counsel
Time To Kill
The Street Lawyer

3) What was family member Daryl "Chill" Mitchell's first movie?
Galaxy Quest
Sgt. Bilko
Inside Man
House Party
4) At which family reunion did Jim Potts marry Brenda?
May 25-27 1990
May 28-30 1993
May 24-26 1996
May 29-30 1999

5) Your mother or father's 1st cousin is considered what to you?
2nd cousin
1st cousin once removed
2nd cousin once removed
none of the above
6) What colors were the first family reunion T-shirts?
Purple with white print
Green with white print
Blue with white print
Red with white print

7) What family member was related to Smokin' Joe Frazier the boxer?
Marvin Taylor
James Wiggins
Mary Ann Heyward
Lenny Taylor