Welcome to our family history page. I apologize for not knowing enough about our family history to write this section of our website.

I am putting out an all points bulletin asking for your help. If we have any family member knowledgeable enough to give us the information, we can find others to put it in the form of a story. Volunteers please e-mail me through our Contact Us tab.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Brenda Cameron-Potts


We believe the Taylor family settled here in the Low Country around the eighteen hundred. Most of them were farmers and fishermen. Those who settled on Warsaw Island soon owned about 50% of the property on the island.

 We were told that George Taylor owned a corn mill and the others on the island use to come and bring their corn to be ground into grits and corn meal. The husk that was left after this process was then fed to the hogs. They also raised cows and horses.

In the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds quite a few of the Taylor families moved away. Some moved to Florida, Georgia, and other parts of South Carolina looking for work. They were industrious, talented and achievers.

The Taylor family members are proud of their heritage and they like to work and have their own.

We are still searching for our families for which we have loss contact with each other. We are a loving family and we will not stop searching until all are found and united together as one happy family.